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True Custom Fitting


Every Touring Pro and Every Teaching Pro will tell you that if you want to play your best and want to improve your game, you must be playing custom fit clubs.



  • 100% of all Touring Professionals and Teaching Professionals will tell you that you must be fit to play your best

  • 99.9% of all teaching pros admit that they can’t teach around ill-fitting clubs

  • 92% of all golfers are playing the wrong clubs for their swing (Golf Illustrated Survey).

  • Industry experts estimate there are only 500 truly qualified clubfitters in the world … far too few to adequately service al of the golfers in the world.

Whether a beginner or touring pro, or any golfer in between … you must be fit for your clubs to play your best.   When fit properly, your custom clubs should give you many years of great play. And it should not be crazy expensive.  Most fittings run around $100 - $150 for a full bag and often there is a credit when you purchase the clubs from your fitter.  SMART TIP: Be sure your fitter has a launch monitor, sufficient demo options for you to test (this requires many different club head and shaft options for your skill level), and be sure your fitter take responsibility for the build.  

YOUR CUSTOM CLUBS MUST BE BUILT BY A QUALIFIED MASTER BUILDER.  If you get a great fit, but the clubs are not built exactly to the fitting instructions of your fitter, you just wasted a great deal of time and money.  Every qualified fitter takes responsibility that the build is done by a Master Builder and they check every club before handing it to the golfer.  SMART TIP: Ask your fitter who will be building your clubs and what equipment your fitter has to double check that the build is correct … at a minimum he should have a frequency analyzer and a bending machine.  

"90% of amateurs use golf clubs that do not suit their game." - Nick Faldo, 2003


About Us

It’s unanimous in the golf industry: custom-fit clubs will enhance every golfer’s game. But who is a qualified fitter?  Where does one find a qualified fitter?   And what should be expected from a bona fide clubfitting session?  IPAC can answer all of these questions and more. 

IPAC, the International Professional Association of ClubFitters, was founded in 2007 as a non-profit association by a circle of highly skilled and highly respected Professional ClubFitters.  The purpose was not only to raise the bar for the profession and hone the skills of the clubfitters, but also to help educate and guide the golfing public on what to expect and where to go to secure a first-class fitting.


Members of IPAC are well vetted and selected. Each member is a professional with significant experience, expertise and training, is affiliated with a retail facility and meets the established criteria for the Association. In addition, each member exhibits passion, integrity and finely honed skill, hallmarks of a true professional clubfitter.


The mission of IPAC has not changed since its inception in 2007. 


For its Members, IPAC has focused on the following:


  • To raise the bar of the profession

  • To set standards of excellence including: skill, integrity and passion for the profession

  • To conduct seminars and other programs to keep its members well informed on the latest

  • To grow the profession with apprentice programs

  • To grow awareness of the profession through marketing and branding


For the golfing public, IPAC has focused on the following:


  • To raise awareness of the benefits of a legitimate club fitting

  • To educate on what to expect in a quality clubfitting

  • What to look for in selecting a qualified ClubFitter

  • Assist in locating qualified Professional ClubFitters

  • What to expect in the way of improved performance as a result of custom clubs.

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