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IPAC is the only association for Professional ClubFitters in the world.  Every IPAC Member has a minimum of two years experience as a clubfitter, attended numerous seminars and programs for advanced fitting techniques, is dedicated to the goals of the association and maintain the highest standards of skill, integrity and passion for their profession.


IPAC Members put “performance” before “profits”.  They will spend as much time as is needed to procure the perfect combination of clubhead, shaft and grip for every golfer’s unique swing and goals.  They have built their reputations by providing golfers  with the right tools to improve and enjoy their game.



Membership in IPAC includes marketing assistance, social media coverage, posters, information booklet, webinars and seminars on continuing education to further hone your skills as a professional clubfitter.  You will also have the benefit of having a network of colleagues around the world to share your experiences and add to your knowledge.


If you have the preliminary qualifications listed below or have any questions about the association, please contact the IPAC Regional Adviser in your area:


EUROPE - Olivier Chalon, C.O. Golf • 33 387166882 •

CANADA - Don Irving, Artisan Golf • (613) 592-0524 •

USA - Curtis Eudy, Leatherman’s • (704) 527-1123 •

ASIA - Jake Ong, Custom Club • 63 9178114653 •

AUST/NZ - Greg Ashton, GolfStix • 61 414660030 •


The initial criteria to become an IPAC Member is that you must have at least two years fitting experience, you are proficient using a launch monitor and work through a legitimate retail venue. If you have met these initial requirements, please contact the Regional Adviser closest to you and they will send you a questionnaire regarding your experience, skill, integrity and passion for the Profession of ClubFitting. 

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