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We are sorry that there are no IPAC Members near you.  Here are a few guidelines to help you determine whether there is a good fitter in your area.


Check their website. 


Do they specialize in fitting? Do they have any awards?

Do they use a launch monitor?  This is an absolute must to analyze all aspects of ball flight. If no launch monitor, scratch them off your list.

Who is their head fitter? If they tell you everyone in the store is a fitter, scratch them off your list as that generally indicates they are no more than glorified sales staff.

If they sell “custom” or “fit” clubs on-line or if they have an on-line fitting program, immediately cross them off your list of potentials.  They lack integrity as all quality fittings must be done in person.

Next call the potential fitter and ask questions:​​

How many fitting demos do they have on hand for you to test? (should be in the thousands).

How long will a fitting take?  (on average should be an hour to two hours or more).

Who does the building of their custom clubs? 

  • If they build on site, ask them their process (CLICK HERE FOR PROCESS)

  • If they use an off-site builder, do they check the specs to assure that the fitting instructions were followed precisely (they will need a loft/lie machine and a frequency analyzer on site to check)

Other Options
Check with your buddies. Do they have a fitter that did a really good job for them and actually improved their game? 

If you still cannot find a truly qualified fitter, it may be worth your while to visit one of our IPAC Members on your next business travel or vacation.

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