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The Purpose of IPAC

IPAC, founded in 2007, is an international association whose members are the elite of the club fitting profession.  Each member is a skilled professional with significant education and experience; with unsurpassed integrity and passion putting game improvement for their customers before profit.  Each member is affiliated with a legitimate retail facility to conduct their fitting services and meets the established criteria for the Association.


The goals of IPAC include raising the bar and education for its members and educating the public on what to expect and where to go for a bonafide club fitting.


There are many benefits to becoming a member of IPAC:


Credibility:  There are estimated to be only 500 true professionals worldwide yet tens of thousands claim to be professionals, including glorified sales staff in retail stores, those that eyeball shots with a fit bag on a range, and many other unqualified persons.  


If you have the skill, integrity and passion to qualify as a member, you can then distinguish yourself from the unqualified people claiming to be professional fitters.  Members are listed on the IPAC referral board and receive free promotional materials such as the brochure “Why Custom Fitting” and display posters.  Additionally, members receive a certificate of membership and can tell their customers of their involvement with this prestigious organization.


IPAC has also recently added a section on its website “Ask the Expert” where the public can write in their questions and get answers from truly qualified professionals.  Additionally, a social media program has been initiated to help spread the word about IPAC and its goals.


The media seeks out those that are members of IPAC and they have been repeatedly featured in local and national magazine articles, invited on radio and television golf shows, procured positions as the top fitter for highly ranked teaching professionals and golf academies.  Members may use the IPAC logo on their own promotional materials. 

Referrals: One of IPAC’s primary goals is to help the golfing public learn what to expect and where to go for a bonafide clubfitting.  At golfers can view a video on a fitting, read the steps to a qualified fitting, ask questions and receive answers from reputable fitters, and of course locate an IPAC member in their area if there is one. 


Savings:  Annual dues are $200 per annum and due on October 1st of each year.  Anyone joining at any other portion of the year will have their dues pro-rated. 


Education: IPAC continues to educate its members on the latest products and methods.  Because IPAC Members are the elite of the profession it is a sharing by its membership with its own peer group. . 


Growth: Each IPAC Member is a firm believer in the benefits of custom fitting and as a group  have a much stronger voice to educate the public and media. IPAC and its members can make a positive impact on many golfers who otherwise may never have given true custom fitting a chance. This will ultimately lead to a win-win-win situation for the golfing public and IPAC Professional ClubFitters.


Individual IPAC Members may also offer Apprentice Programs for those wishing to joing the profession. 


If you would like to learn more about IPAC and to check if you qualify, please visit our website at and click on Membership. If you meet all the criteria in the By-Laws please fill out the Member Dues Form and an IPAC Regional Advisor will review your application and then contact you for further discussion.   Any other concerns may be directed to

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