KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine, is very proud to be one of the founding sponsors of IPAC. 

IPAC raises the bar and sets standards for the true professional clubfitter by stressing skills, integrity and passion. In today's market, it is unanimous that custom fitting is extremely important in maximizing performance. The biggest problem is finding a true professional who really knows how to fit properly. Unfortunately, there are just too many “wannabes” out there who claim to be fitters but really are not.

The public is confused.  It’s no wonder, when major brands now offer "custom clubs" over the Internet and golf stores provide untrained "fitters" standing next to expensive monitors and analyzers. The public is accustomed to thinking that this is what a fitting is all about. Yet there is not one bona fide professional clubfitter who would claim he can sell over the Internet or through a guessing game. The true professional has years of experience and extensive education.  He understands the swing, goals and needs of a golfer, and what golf equipment and specifications will improve that golfer’s game. He understands clubhead design, shaft design, launch data analysis and much, much more.

IPAC separates the “wannabes” from the true professionals. IPAC assists the public in locating true professionals through its Locator. IPAC educates the public regarding what to expect in a bona fide fitting session. IPAC helps educate and train new candidates for the profession.

KZG offers the finest equipment on the market. When coupled with a custom fitting by a true professional clubfitter, KZG equipment is unparalleled. For us to grow, we need the assistance of IPAC in locating true Professionals.

We applaud the high standards and ideals of IPAC and look forward to supporting IPAC in every way. IPAC is a blessing for KZG, the public and the game of golf.