A lone voice gets very little attention. However, together IPAC members make a formidable group. And more and more people will take notice of the elite professional clubfitters and bona fide custom fitting. In addition, networking makes IPAC members powerful and provides bargaining clout. IPAC is an inexpensive way to interact with your peers and conceivably go into business with the “best of the best” professional clubfitters in the world.

IPAC is an organization for professional clubfitters with the skills, integrity and passion to make them the best in their field. The goals of IPAC are worthy and if you have the passion and skill please consider applying.

Want to Join IPAC?

Clubfitters with at least two years experience and who work in a retail or commercial facility, including but not limited to: custom shops, retail shops, pro shops, driving ranges, golf academies, golf schools, performance centers, golf courses, country clubs, traveling fitters and tour vans.

Clubfitters with proven skills, attained through a minimum of two years experience, schooling and/or apprentice internships. Those who do fittings only with face-to-face fitting sessions (as it is impossible to do a fitting over the Web or over the phone).

Clubfitters with proven integrity. All members of IPAC must maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Honest and fair dealing with customers is paramount. This includes a dedication to giving customers the best-performing equipment at reasonable pricing.   


For those interested in joining IPAC as a member or sponsor, please email and we will send you an information packet.