Perfected Golf Group, Ltd (PGG) and the FitChip are proud to be a Founding Sponsor of IPAC. We feel our affiliation with a group that is dedicated to improving the standards and setting guidelines for the profession of golf club fitting is important to achieving both IPAC's and PGG's objectives. 

PGG's FitChip golf shaft fitting system is designed for the true professional who demands the most advanced technological approach to selecting the proper shaft for any player. FitChip is the only shaft fitting system that addresses the relationship of shaft reaction to the player’s swing. Getting the shaft back to straight at impact ensures that the club fitter can achieve the number-one objective in completing a successful golf club fitting.

We know that the objectives set forth by IPAC for the clubfitting profession will advance this profession in the industry. Through IPAC programs, the public will become more educated in the value of true custom fitting and the game of golf will grow as a result. 

We are firm believers in the idea that if golfers are afforded the finest in custom fitting technology and techniques, they will play better and enjoy the game more.



Lloyd E. Hackman
Managing Partner, Perfected Golf Group, Ltd.